Affirmation Cards


27 Positive Affirmation Cards 

SunChild affirmation cards are a beautiful way to empower children to understand and feel all kinds of emotions by introducing them to the support of nature available to them in every moment. The cards are designed to expand each individual child’s level of consciousness to understand and apply this wisdom to their everyday life.

By sharing a card with your child, you will be building with them a relationship to the themes and belief system of each card. You will be aiding them to reconnect with the fulfilment they hold within and encourage their natural light to keep shining. Your child will grow with resilience, happiness and a deep connection to nature's support.

SunChild Affirmation Cards are handcrafted in Bondi, Australia.

The cards are all made with recycled paper and love. 5% of profit is donated to 'Feel the Magic' Charity to support children to reach their full potential when faced with grief.


Different ideas to create a ritual with your child

Shuffle the deck, tap magic into cards and pull a card, reading the message you need for that moment. 

Pull a card…
o In the morning, to start your day off in the light 
o At bedtime to prepare for sleep and reflect on the day
o For a moment of calm if your child is distressed as way to discuss feeling or situations that the child may be experiencing and allows them to know everything is always okay  
o For fun, inspiring the feelings of joy, connection and to build self-esteem 
o Pull a card to share with a friend who may be in need or place one in your child’s lunchbox, pocket or backpack. 

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