Natural Shape Sorter Board


Beautiful, wooden blocks in geometric shapes... look carefully... do you
know already where each of them live? Or do you want to arrange them from
the smallest to the biggest... or maybe the biggest in the middle? Do as you
like... or build a castle! Blocks, which naturally contribute to children
development. Ideally fit baby’s hand. So soft from beeswax and botanical
oils. In natural colours of wood. Play and learn.

• made of selected wood that comes from FSC certified suppliers
• natural colours of various types of wood
• finished with beeswax and botanical oils, sanded perfectly smooth,
• packed in a paperboard box, which is designed to be reused or easily
• this product is free from any harmful substances
• this is an organic and eco-friendly product

Dimensions of the largest piece: 4,6 cm x 4,6 cm x 9,2 cm
Dimensions of the smallest block: 4,3 cm x 3,9 cm x 3 cm
Dimensions without packing: 18,3 cm x 18,3 cm x 9,5 cm
Dimensions with packing: 20,3 cm x 20,6 cm 9,8 cm


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