Petit Origins is a mindful collection of unique products from small makers for small people.

All our products are carefully selected with sustainability and ethical production in mind. We believe in well-made products that will be loved for many years to come.   

Petit Origins is a truly cherished selection of what we as a family value for our children - simple beautiful and natural products that are of the highest quality so they last.   

Thanking you so much for your support! 
With Love from our family to yours, 
Nina & Leo




We want to contribute to a more sustainable world by providing a platform for conscious and thoughtful consumers who choose to invest in quality that lasts and doesn't cost the earth.

Our products are made from only natural and recycled materials and in accordance with the highest standards of environmental protection. 

We believe each person can make small meaningful changes and minimise their impact on our beautiful planet. Join us on this journey to a more conscious and sustainable way of living!      



We focus on quality, handmade items that are produced mindfully and slowly by small makers. Our intention is to offer well-made, timeless products that can last a lifetime.

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